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As know,Goldex aims to satisfy the best needs of the customers. The supply of majority of facets in market these days are made of Pewter or Zinc. These elements contain the human harming element Lead which can cause food poison and can cause damage to the brain. These elements have water tarnishing property which makes it to be easily dissolved in flowing water.
A few suppliers have justified this problem as using Brass in the water flowing area and Zinc & Pewter to be used only in the handles. The softness of the latter makes the Chrome done through electroplating to eventually fade and get on human hands which can prove injurious to human hands  during the cleaning of faucets.
We aim to solve this problem byusing pure brass in the entire product to ensure that the company doesn't benefit at the expense of our valuable customers. Checking of each any every faucet is done on high pressure to ensure no issues of leakage arise when delivered to the final consumer.